Norwich Devils Hall Of Fame: Tony Ryan

Inducted 27th September 2008

Tony Ryan has been inducted into the Norwich Devils Hall of Fame for his long-standing services to the club as a player.


Tony joined the club as it entered into its first year of league play in 1986. Wearing the number 28 shirt, he started as a back up running back, but it wasn’t long before he established himself as a starter in that position. He went on to play a significant role in the 1989 national championship side and was one of a very select few players who were still there when the club won its second championship in 2002, going unbeaten for the whole season for the first time in the club’s long history.

Tony proved himself a very durable player, becoming only the second player in the club’s history to reach 100 games, having missed only one game in that time.

Tony retired from playing regularly after the 2002 season, although did make a number of “guest” appearances after that date. During his time with the club Tony rushed for a total of 7,308 yards on 1,620 carries, at an average of over four and a half yards per carry, and scored a total of 59 touchdowns.

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