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1989 BNGL National Champions - 2002 BAFL Division 2 Champions - 2007 BAFL Division 2 Champions

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Recruitment FAQs


Q: Do I need any previous playing experience to play for the Devils?
A: No, we are open to all newcomers to the sport.

Q: I’ve watched the sport for a while, but really don’t get the rules. Do I have to learn them before I come to practice?
A: No, we teach all our players the ins/outs and intricacies of the game during the course of practice.

Q: How fit do I have to be to play American football?
A: American football is a physical and demanding sport. This means we require our players to achieve a basic level of fitness set out by the club in order to play the game safely.

Q: I’m not that fit and it’s been a while since I played any sport. Will this stop me from joining?
A: No. We have qualified fitness instructors on our coaching staff who are available to help any new players with their fitness levels.


Q: What do I need to bring to practice?
A: Be sure to bring a gum shield, football boots, change of clothes.

Q: What about helmet & pads?
A: For those players that do not own kit we have a limited amount of equipment for hire.

Q: I have my own helmet & pads. Can I use them?
A: Yes. Players are encouraged to supply their own kit. Please be aware that any kit brought to practice may need to be safety checked by a member of the coaching staff.

Q: What colours do the Devils wear?
A: Navy, Gold and White.


Q: How much does it cost to play for the Devils?
A: The actual cost varies from year to year depending on the squad size and fixtures being played. Usually the cost of playing a 10 game season for most teams in the UK is between £200 -£300. At present our fees tend to come in at the cheaper end of that scale!
***please be aware the fees for 2015 season will be significantly lower as we are only playing exhibition games***

Q: Can I try the game for a few weeks to see if I like it before I pay?
A: Yes you can. We offer a 3 week trial period to give the sport a try. A training session for non-members costs £5 per week. Following that trial period you will be required to join the club and register with the league governing body if you wish to continue playing.

Q: Can I play for longer than 3 weeks before I join?
A: No, league insurance only covers you for an introductory period of 3 weeks. After that point you must register with the team and become a full member.

Q: It still seems a lot of money to pay up front. Do you have some sort of payment plan where I can spread the cost?
A: Yes, we do not require all the money up front and allow players to pay over a set amount of months.

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