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Devils Fall Short in Final Regular Season Game

Norwich Devils v London Blitz B

Sunday 5th Aug 2018

Report by Alan Baxter-Smith

Photographs – John Mallet Photography

The Devils began 2018 with the news that they had been successful in their application to rejoin the league after a 7 year absence. Like all teams they had expectations for the season and while they wanted to win all their games realistically a steady start with some wins would represent good progress for the club. What actually followed went beyond their expectations. After a competitive loss in their first game they went on a 5 game winning streak and qualified for playoff football before the final game of the regular season kicked off.


This put them in a difficult situation. Bar some very unlikely results they would be facing London Blitz B in said playoffs, whatever the result of the game, and with some injured players who didn’t need to take the field the question was how much do they risk for the victory. The important game for them was next week and starters getting injured in a meaningless game wouldn’t help them to win that. Combine this with a number of players who’s work and personal lives had meant they wouldn’t be available for the game and the Devils would be lining up with their smallest squad numbers all season. Going for the win would still, as always, be a priority, a good performance by some of the back-ups would be just as useful for the club.


London Blitz B however had different feelings. Still hopefully of getting #1 seeding in the Division and completing an unbeaten regular season they arrived with more players than had been seen on their sideline throughout the rest of the season. They had come to play and play hard.


The Devils won the toss, elected to receive and a good run back meant they would begin their first drive from their own 33 yard line. Going with the run Running Back Ward was unable to find many yards down the middle and when Quarterback Chris Wilkinson went with the pass Slot Receiver Matt Bowers was unable to haul in the pass in open space. When a pass dropped shot of the intended Receiver the Devils were forced to punt. A good run back by the Blitz returner meant they would begin their first drive from their own 41 yard line.


Beginning with their passing game the Blitz Quarterback was unable to find his Receiver and when they went to the run, Linebacker James Harrod was equal to the task, bringing down the Blitz runner for a short gain. 2017 Rookie of the Year Harrod was starting a game for the first time since an injury pre-season and is a welcome return to the Devils Defence going forward into the post season. At 3rd and 8 the Blitz went to their running game again and despite a good tap tackle by Linebacker Ace Faatuai it seemed they would just about pick up the first down. A Holding Penalty however put paid to their sideline celebrations and they would find themselves at 3rd and 18. After being flushed out the pocket, a good pass on the run by the Blitz Quarterback found its man a yard shy of the line to gain. Linebacker Ed Bowling was able to push him out of bounds before he could turn and the Blitz found themselves at 4th and 1. Going for it, they were able to make the yard despite a good tackle by Linebacker Faatuai. A well worked pass rush by Defensive Ends Steve Bunyan and Joe Waller forced the Blitz QB to rush his pass on the next play and Cornerback James Grey just failed to hold onto the interception. Going back to the run the Blitz gained several yards with some good footwork and some missed tackles allowing them to make it to the Devils’ 25 yard line before Safety Ricky Darrall brought down the Runner. They quickly made their way to the line using their hurry up offence and the Blitz Quarterback attempted a long pass into the end zone, following good protection from his Offensive Line. The pass was long so they returned to their Running Game making yards up the middle with some elusive running before Defensive Lineman Jordan Knights took the runner down.  Perhaps eager to stop the elusive runner from gaining more yardage the Devils lined up again to stop the run but after a fake handoff the Blitz Quarterback was able to wheel away untouched and find his open Receiver in the Devils Endzone for the first score of the game and with a converted two point attempt meant the Blitz would take an early 8 point lead.

Score: Devils 0 – London Blitz B 8


After the Kick Return the Devils would begin their next drive from their own 31 yard line. Beginning with the run Running Back Matt Ward was eventually able to fight for 4 yards following a brutal block by Wide Receiver Adam Jones. A False Start penalty took the Devils back 5 yards and when Quarterback Wilkinson was able to find Tightend Charlie Keohane he was unable to find the line to gain despite a strong effort and the Devils were once again forced to punt. It was clear the Devils’ Offence were still finding their feet with the new Quarterback but there had been signs that with a few little tweaks and better execution they could perform much better on future drives. Eager to prove it the Devils went for the fake punt and Punter Adam Jone was able to use his speed and agility to evade the rusher and pick up the first down much to the delight of the huge home crowd who had decided to brave the hot sun to watch the game. On the next play Wilkinson just overthrew his intended Receiver by inches but when the Devils went to the run Running Back Matt Ward was able to take the ball over the halfway line and close to a first down. Attempting to power it through the line Ward was stopped for no gain. At 4th and inches the Devils went for it but a good pass rush by the Blitz blew up the intended play and the Blitz would take over on downs on their own 47 yard line.


Beginning with the run they gained a little yardage before Linebacker Harrod took the runner down. Going with the pass next the Blitz moved the chains before Cornerback Wayne Diggines made the tackle. Attempting the pass again it looked like Cornerback James Grey had it covered but his ankles were nearly broken by some great footwork from the Receiver and only a stop by Linebacker Pony Murphy prevented a certain Touchdown. The Blitz  however, had moved themselves to 1st and goal and were looking to punch it in. A run down the middle on the first play was stopped by Linebacker Faatuai and a run to the outside by Defensive End Jon Mills. At 3rd and goal the Blitz looked to have scored, with a pass across the middle, but a Holding Penalty actually took them back 10 yards. It didn’t take them long to punch it in again however, when on the next play their Quarterback seemed to have all the time in the world to pick out his open man in the end zone. Linebacker Bowling was able to swat down the attempted 2 point conversion pass attempt but it was a quick blow by the Blitz who were threatening to run away with the game very early on in the first quarter.

Score: Devils 0 – London Blitz B 14


The Devils Special Teams Unit took to the field knowing they needed to make a play and give their Offence good field position to start their next drive. They did just that when a high kick found Returner Harris Todd with room to run. A burst down the Blitz sideline following a block by Matt Bowers meant the Devils would begin their next drive on the Blitz 30 yard line.  Beginning with the run a slick hand off by Wilkinson to Running Back Alan Baxter-Smith gained them good yardage on first down. A quick pass to Wide Receiver Jones moved them a little more before Running Back Baxter-Smith was asked to get the first down up the middle. After some pumping of legs and with backing from Quarterback Wilkinson he did just that and for the first time in the game the Devils Offence had moved the chains. A False Start Penalty threatened to put a damper on their achievement and when some good work by the Blitz Cornerback prevented Wide Receiver Jones catching the ball in the Endzone it looked like the Devils Offence would be struggling to pick up another first down. However, an Encroachment Penalty where the Blitz Cornerback had lined up nearly 2 yards into the Devils’ backfield gave the Devils back their 5 yards. A run and cutback by Baxter-Smith gained the Devils a few yards before some more good coverage by the Blitz, this time the Safety, prevented Tightened Keohane form scoring. Quarterback Wilkinson was flushed from the pocket on 3rd down but just missed finding Tightend Chris Mills after more good work from the Blitz Cornerback who managed to get his fingertips to the ball and divert it from its intended path. A late hit on Wilkinson after the pass had gone however, brought about a Roughing the Passer Penalty and the Devils found themselves at 1st and goal within the Blitz 5 yard line. A run by Running Back Joe Jacobs gained a yard but an attempted Quarterback draw play lost that yard and then some on the next play and the first Quarter came to a close.

End of 1st Quarter Score: Devils 0 – London Blitz B 14


The Devils went for the pass on the next play but a misunderstanding by the Devils Receiver meant he ran the wrong route and the Devils found themselves at 4th and goal and having to go for it with the scoreline as it was. Quarterback Wilkinson was replaced by Harris Todd on the field and when a pass attempt to Wide Receiver Jones fell incomplete, due to major pass interference, a flag was thrown and the Devils found themselves with another set of downs. They only needed one, after some motion trickery Todd found Tighend Charlie Keohane in plenty of space. A short jog into the end zone saw the big man, who is known for his dancing at Devils’ social events, perform a little jig in celebration. This brought about a flag, which would mean yards added to the kick off, but the delighted Devils sideline didn’t seem to mind and Kicker Adam Jones was able to convert the extra point to bring the Devils back to within a score.

Score: Devils 7 – London Blitz B 14


Another good run back by the Blitz and a strong tackle from El Foley meant they would begin their next drive at their own 48 yard line. They began with their running game to great effect. Some poor tackling by the Devils allowed the Running Back to make it 16 yards and move the chains. Swapping to the passing game the Blitz Quarterback found no joy after good coverage by the Devils’ Secondary. To add insult to injury his Defensive Line ignored Linebacker Ace Faatuai and he was able to sprint through at full speed and lay one of his big hits on the unsuspecting QB. He shook it off though very quickly, stepping up to find his Receiver on the next play and a slip, on the rock hard ground, by Safety Ricky Darrall allowed the Blitz player to jog into the end zone . The 2 point conversion was successful and the possible momentum change which could have been brought about by the Devils’ score was lost.

Score: Devils 7 – London Blitz B 22


A good return by Jai Nembhard on the kickoff meant the Devils would begin their next drive on their own 37 yard line and looking to strike back as quickly as possible to prevent the Blitz from running away with things. Some good running by Running Back Ward moved the ball and a power run by Running Back Joe Jacobs moved the chains. The Devils went to their passing game on the next play and with the Devils Offensive Line providing a perfect pocket for Quarterback Harris Todd he was able to take his time and deliver a perfect pass to Tightend Charlie Keohane. The Offensive Captain, fresh from his recent trip to the Jaguars training camp, caught the ball perfectly in stride and out sprinted his coverage into the end zone for his second score of the game. It was another example of the Devils Offensive quality and meant that the Devils’ had scored multiple times against every opponent they had faced in the season. The loud cheers from the Devils’ sideline and supporters were greeted by a huge roar from Keohane before he deliberately handed the ball back to the ref not wishing to draw another flag for his celebration. Adam Jones converted the extra point and the Devils’ found themselves back in the game.

Score Devils 14 – London Blitz B 22


Another good return by the Blitz was almost ruined by a fumble but eventually they recovered and would begin their next drive on their own 39 yard line. The Blitz looked to have the bit between their teeth as they went to their running game. Some good blocking quickly took them down to the Devils 43 yard line. Going with their passing game the Blitz were not so efficient. A poor pass dropped several yards short of a Receiver before an overthrown pass was intercepted by Cornerback Wayne Diggines. The ball was collected by the Devils’ stalwart in somewhat unorthodox fashion, basically it struck him in the groin region, but he was able to keep hold of the ball, despite being in agony.


The Devils began their next drive, on their own 23 yard line, with their run game. Running Back Joe Jacobs made good yardage up the middle before a pass from Todd was agonisingly dropped by Slot Receiver Matt Bowers. Flushed out of the pocket on the next play Todd had to throw the ball away and the Devils were forced to punt.


A long punt by Jones meant the Blitz would begin their next drive on their own 19 yard line. Going with the run they again managed a good run up the middle before Linebacker Connor Tooke made the tackle. Going to the outside they again made yards before Cornerback Jai Nembhard took down the runner. The Devils were caught out by the Blitz hurry up offence on the next play when a defensive player just failed to leave the field following a substitution and a 5 yard penalty was added on to the end of the short Blitz Run. To be fair, the Devils Defence had learnt from their first encounter with the Blitz earlier in the year and had avoided these type of flags up until that point showing the development of the squad throughout the season. Another good run to the outside was stopped by Cornerback Nembhard but not before the Blitz had moved the ball down to the Devils’ 34 yard line. A long pass was broken up by Cornerback Diggines, who almost got his second interception of the day, before a Quarterback run moved the chains. A blown coverage on the next play enabled the Blitz Quarterback to easily pick out his man for an easy touchdown and, even though the Blitz two point conversion attempt failed, the Devils found themselves with a mountain to climb.

Score Devils 14 – London Blitz B 28 


A good kick return meant the Devils would begin their next drive from their own 39 yard line. A poor snap meant Quarterback Todd was unable to get the ball away and on the next play he was forced to throw it away after a good rush from the Blitz. Finally with time given by the Devils’ Offensive Line he was able to get a ball away and Wide Receiver Dom Howes collected the ball for a first down just inside the Blitz half. Three missed passes however stopped the drive dead and the Devils were forced to punt.


A good punt and kick chase meant the Blitz Returner called for a fair catch on his own 12 yard line which is where they would begin their next drive. Beginning with their run the Blitz attempted another outside run play but it was well covered by the Devils’ Defence and Defensive End Steve Bunyan was able to make his way across from the other side of the line, while the Blitz Running Back decided which way to go, and make the tackle for a small gain. On the next play however, a good fake handoff sprung the Quarterback and he made the necessary 8 yards for a first down. An incomplete pass followed before another run play moved the chains once more as the injuries began to mount up for the Devils Defence. Linebacker Pony Murphy read the next play beautifully and battered down the pass down the middle before then being outrageously held on a run play, which the Referees somehow missed, allowing the Blitz to move downfield, where Linebacker Connor Tooke took down the Runner with a crunching tackle, but not before the first down marker was reached once more. The Referees continued to miss some Penalties when at first the Devils’ Rusher was pushed from behind as he approached the Quarterback then, following the successful short pass, a Devils’ tackler was seemingly pushed between the shoulder blades as he broke down to make a tackle on the Receiver. The Referee closest to the Devils sideline suggested that not enough contact was made to warrant a flag on both occasions but, the Devils’ Coaches questioned that any contact should be a foul and certainly one which diverts the course of the Defensive player. The Blitz however, had moved the chains once more and were, finding themselves at the Devils’ 15 yard line, looking to add to their tally before the end of the first half. An outside run play was spotted by Linebacker Murphy and easily stopped for a 1 yard loss before a passing play was broken up by Linebacker Ed Bowling. An incomplete pass where the Blitz Wide Receiver failed to hold onto the ball in the end zone under pressure from Bowling brought about 4th down. Seemingly wanting to pull away from the Devils the Blitz opted to go for it and when Defensive End Bunyan flushed the QB out of the pocket his resulting pass was just to far away from his Receiver and the ball was handed over on downs. It was a great stop for the Devils’ Defence but had come at a price with some key personnel picking up some knocks.


Beginning on their own 12 yard line the Devils began badly with Quarterback Todd choosing to hold onto the ball instead of hand it off to his Running Back. It proved to be a poor decision as the Blitz Defenders were not fooled and sacked him for a 5 yard loss. His next pass was overthrown and when his Receiver ran the wrong route and his next pass fell into open space the Devils were forced to punt.


A short punt which caught the outside of the boot and went out of bounds, meant the Blitz would begin their next drive in excellent field position on the Devils’ 32 yard line. A run to the outside gained them 7 yards before Defensive End Bunyan took down the Runner. Again the Blitz lined up very quickly and the Devils were unable to get back behind the Line of Scrimmage before the snap, drawing a 5 yard Offside Penalty and giving the Blitz another first down. The Blitz false started on the next play before a long pass fell incomplete following good coverage from Cornerback Nembhard. It looked like the Blitz had moved down to the Devils 2 yard line on the next play with a pass down the middle but a flag had been thrown for 5 men in the backfield and the Blitz found themselves at 3rd and 20. Going with the run, some excellent blocking by their Offensive Line took advantage of the several back-ups on the Devils’ Defensive Line and, the Blitz Running Back was delighted to find a huge hole open up for him. That was all he needed as his quick pace took him away from any tacklers and he ran into the end zone untouched. The 2 point conversion was no good but the Blitz found themselves 3 scores ahead and looking to close the game out.

Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 34


A really good kick return from Jai Nembhard meant the Devils would begin their next drive at their own 41 yard line with very little time left in the first half. Straight away the Devils’ Offence went on the attack with their passing game. Quarterback Todd threw high across the middle to Tightend Keohane who, having his best game in a Devils’ Jersey, took the ball in with a magnificent one handed leaping catch and proceeded to make his way down to the Blitz 44 yard line. On the next play Todd picked out Wide Receiver Adam Jones who made his way up to the Blitz 16 yard line before being brought down by his facemask. The Devils’ player was however, judged to have made his way to the 14 yard line and when the referees were unable to then enforce the 15 yard penalty the ball was finally spotted on the Blitz 7 yard line being half the distance to the goal. The Devils went with their passing game first but the ball was knocked away from Receiver Jones hands before he could get control in the end zone. The Devils were harshly judged to have 5 men in the backfield on the play however, and were moved back 5 yards. On the next play Todd was rushed and forced to throw the ball away and when the Devils’ Wide Receiver lost his footing on the next play the Devils found themselves at 4th and goal from the 12 yard line. A well worked play released Tightend Keohane into the end zone but he was unable to hold onto the ball for his hat trick of scores when good work from the Blitz Defender knocked the ball from his grasp and the ball was turned over on downs. It was a disappointing end to what had been an excellent quick hitting drive, typical of what the Devils Offence had produced all year, but the failure to punch it in was a tough one to take and, with the score as it was, ensured some Personnel changes going into the second half. 


The Devils Defence did their best to make the most of the Blitz’s starting field position on their next drive. A Sack by Defensive End Chris Waterhouse on the first play took the Blitz back closer to their end zone and a leaping Ed Bowling nearly tipped the ball to his fellow Linebacker James Harrod, who could have run untouched into the end zone if he had managed to reach the ball before it hit the ground. A long passing attempt was broken up by Cornerback James Grey and the resulting Punt brought about the end of the first half with the Devils’ facing an uphill battle to get a victory from the game.

Half Time Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 34


The Devils Coaches made some more tactical changes at half time, several starters were advised they would see less action in order to preserve themselves for the upcoming playoff fixture and players who had picked up slight knocks in the first half were told to sit out all together. The Devils’ would look to a lot of their back ups to complete the tie. Things did not start well when a poor kick chase on the kickoff allowed the Blitz Returner to make his way down the the Devils’ 38 yard line. An outside run then almost made it into the end zone before another outside run did. There was certainly the most obvious Block in the Back you are likely to see on the play but unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the ref was looking elsewhere and the touchdown stood. The 2 point conversion attempt was dropped but the quick score was a prelude to what the Devils could expect in the second half.

Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 40


A good run back meant the Devils would begin their next drive on their own 44 yard line. They failed to move the ball any significant yardage however and were forced to punt. An attempt at a fake punt and pass was covered by the Blitz and they would take over on downs.


Going with the pass the Blitz’s first attempt was almost intercepted by Safety Ricky Darrall  but the second just about reached the first down marker before Cornerback Diggines, one of the few starters left on the field, made the tackle. They then moved to their Running game making good yardage with elusive running before a group tackle stopped the play. It was judged that the Devils had piled on after the tackle however, and and Penalty yardage took the Blitz within the Devils 5 yard line. Determined to show some fight the Devils Defence stopped the first run up the middle, for no loss of yards, with Defensive Lineman Ben Hart making the tackle. The first Pass attempt on the next play was well covered by Diggines and the next dropped short of the intended Receiver. When at 4th and goal the Blitz failed to convert the ball was handed over on downs much to the delight of the Defence who left the field.


The Devils Offence made a rod for their own back however when a miscommunication meant they broke the huddle with 12 men on the field. The resulting Penalty backed them up very close to their own endzone. A poor snap meant Quarterback Chris Wilkinson was forced to scramble to avoid the safety. Another poor snap on the next play however, resulted in the Devils conceding a safety and the Devils’ players found themselves beginning to look towards the clock for the end of the game.

Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 42


The punt from the Devils 20 yard line was a good one but the Blitz Returner made his way back through the Devils unit which was littered with inexperienced players and was only prevented from scoring by kicker Adam Jones’ tackle. Further injuries brought about more changes on the Devils’ Defence, with players playing out of position and even Offensive players taking to the field. This didn’t stop them stopping the run play for a 4 yard loss on the first play however, but a subsequent pass on the next play was easily converted and once again the Blitz found themselves at first and goal. One play later they found themselves in the end zone with an easy pass. The extra point failed, which meant the lead was 1 point short from implementing the running clock.

Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 48


Another good run back meant the Devils would begin their next drive from their own 39 yard line where they took to their running game. With the Running Back Unit depleted due to knocks Wide Receiver Adam Jones took the handoffs and his natural pace began to move the chains down to the Blitz 40 yard line. When a passing attempt was almost intercepted the Devils returned to their Running Game with young Running Back Joe Jacobs. He unfortunately fumbled the ball when running up the middle however and the Blitz took over on their own 40 yard line.


With the Devils Defence drawing from every unit the Blitz runners ran rampant through their Defensive Line and easily made its way down to the Devils 35 yard line. Another run up the middle was swallowed up by Defensive Lineman Jake Yallop and when a passing attempt fell well short of the intended Receiver the Blitz found themselves at 3rd and 13. A crunching hit by Linebacker Connor Tooke stopped the runner on the play and on 4th down the Receiver was well covered by the Devils Secondary so the ball was handed over on downs. It was a great stop by the back-ups on Defence and showed how hard they were working to put themselves forward for a starting spot in the upcoming playoff game.


The Devils’ Offensive back-ups however, did not do as well. A quick 3 and out littered with scrambles by Wilkinson and throw and away passes meant they would be forced to punt.


The resulting punt went out of bounds at the 50 yard line which is where the Blitz would begin their next drive. They went with the run at first and it looked like the Devils’ Defence had turned over the ball when the ball was ripped from the runners grasp. When the pile of players was picked apart the referees however, judged that the ball possession was 50-50 and would remain in the Blitz’s hands. The pass on the next play looked to have stopped just short when a tackle by Rookie Linebacker Kyle Bowen took the Receiver down. The spot however, gave the first down to the Blitz and the play continued.  Defensive Lineman Ben Hart and Linebacker Conner Tooke took down the runner on the next play but not before he had moved the chains once more. Some more good tackling from Tooke brought the 3rd Quarter to a close with the Blitz at 3rd and 12 on the Devils 25 yard line.

End of 3rd Quarter Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 48


Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 56

After a short run back the Devils would begin their next drive from their own 19 yard line. Going with the run, and looking to run out the clock and avoid any further scores, Running Back Baxter-Smith made a few yards up the middle. A poor snap however took the ball backwards and when a pass fell incomplete the Devils would once again punt.


A good punt and kick chase resulted in the Blitz returner calling for a fair catch and they would begin their next drive on their own 42 yard line. The patched up Devils’ Defence were still facing many of the Blitz starters however, and on the very first play the Blitz Quarterback easily found his Wide Receiver on a deep ball. Poorly covered he was able to then sprint on into the end zone for another score. The two point conversion was good and the Devils found themselves 50 points behind and hoping the clock would run out as quickly as possible.

Score: Devils 14 – London Blitz B 64


Fortunately the clock did run out before any more scores were added but not before Cornerback James Grey intercepted the ball and made a good attempt at running back for 6, unfortunately ending up with a trip to A & E for his troubles.

Final Score: Devils 14 – Maidstone Pumas 64

Defensive MVP – Ben Hart

Offensive MVP – Charlie Keohane

The Devils were in a strange position as they huddled for their post match talk. They had obviously just been thoroughly beaten on the field, against the opposition they will face in their next game. But, they had also completed their first regular season back in the league and achieved more than they set out to achieve. Playoff football was something to be proud of. Especially for the level of league experience in the squad. The game had proved too much for them on the day and this was somewhat down to the lack of starters taking the field but, perhaps the knowledge that the game had no implications on the success of their season or their eligibility for the playoffs had also dampened their enthusiasm for it.


A positive to draw from the game was that they had scored  yet again and indeed in the two games against them, they had scored on the Blitz five times as much as the rest of the conference put together, but they had still suffered losses in both games. What was certain, they would have to take their ‘A’ game down to London in 7 days time, both on Offence and Defence, or suffer a similar fate.

Since I became HC, something I’ve tried to influence in this team is heart. That desire to turn up and compete, no matter the odds.

We went into this game battered, bruised and again missing key personnel.

The term ‘next man up’ was ringing in my mind all day and that we’d have to play the game of our lives to win.

The first half, we were relatively competitive. Mistakes were made, definitely but we stuck within 2 scores and kept fighting.

Alas the intense heat along with the large, well drilled and efficient London side taking advantage of our small squad, the score board got away from us.

Knowing we’d be playing the Blitz in the first round of the playoffs regardless of the score line, I instructed the coordinators to put backups on to get them vital experience and try to save the starters as much as possible.

We fought to the final whistle and whilst losing is never fun, we took solace in the fact that we have achieved something that very few people thought we could.

The Devils are in the playoffs….

Chris Mills, Devils Head Coach

Next up for the Devils is the first playoff game for the club in over 10 years, away against the same opponents London Blitz B. While a wonderful achievement for the league rookies they will as always look to shock the league and come away with a win. It will be a very tough task but the players will give it their all. Hopefully any Devils’ fans in the area will come down and support us.

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The Devils’ committee would like to thank their support staff, who’s tireless efforts on Sunday and throughout the whole regular season, despite at times extremely hot weather were very much appreciated. They are a vital part of the clubs success and we just cannot thank them enough.

They would also like to thank our fans who attended the games throughout the regular season   and supported us via our social media sites. Its been great to see and hear your fantastic support and we hope you have enjoyed the regular season as much as we have.

They would also like to thank:

John Mallet Photography for the shots that have made us look good throughout the year. Without you we simply couldn’t satisfy the players appetite for self promotion and that would cause us no end of problems so thank you.

Phil Wade for his excellent commentary during home games which really brought the action to all those watching who may not quite understand whats going on.

Finally they would like to thank the the London Blitz B for two well played regular season fixtures this season. They have played fair and with honour and their flattering comments regards the quality of our rookie team post game were very gratefully received. We look forward to seeing you shortly in the playoffs.

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